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Paper Towns

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Paper Towns

Book Summary:

Margo is a Senior in high school and craves for adventure.  The book introduces Q (Quentin) who is the narrator of the story.  Paper towns is specifically told from Q’s perspective and is focused on his friends and his surroundings in Florida.  Margo and Q are neighbors and rarely talk to each throughout grade school and high school.  They always hung out with each other before the incident when they found a dead guy in the park around their neighborhood.  Margo is the popular girl that loves to tell stories but some get out of hand when other people talk about her adventures and practical jokes.

As the Senior school year draws to an end Margo rally’s Quentin’s help in the middle of the night to help her with her last practical joke of all.  Quentin hesitates to go with Margo but his friendship and his “hidden love” for her unravels him to become the courageous guy for Margo.  As their adventure through the early morning of practical and revenge joke on her ex-boyfriend, best friends take her and Quentin on a wild journey in the early morning hours.  Breaking into Sea World, going to Wal-mart in the late of night to buy certain items that were conspicuous to the cashier.  Quentin’s quiet world of stability was broken and he did not have to follow rules but that they were meant to be broken.  Margo left after their adventure leaving Quentin clues to find her.  Quentin becomes worried that Margo meant to commit suicide.  After, deciphering her clues and who Margo really was Quentin goes on an adventure with his friends to find Margo and unravel who they really are and that a bond cannot break like no other among friends and the ones you think you know.


I enjoyed this book very much from the quotes of Walt Whitman and Sylvia Glass and Moby Dick.  The literature provides background information to Paper Towns and its’ characters.  John Green is an excellent young adult author that surprises the reader with emotion and knowledge of life events.  I’m excited for this book to become a movie and see how it can compare to The Fault in our Stars.  John Green keep writing to enhance the young adult population to read books that make us think about ourselves and others!


Green, J., (2008). Paper Towns. New York, NY: Dutton Books

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