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An Ember in the Ashes

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Laia is a Scholar living under Martial Empire and a terrorizing society. When her brother, Elias, is arrested for treason, Laia goes undercover and risks her life by assisting the Resistance.  Her mind is set on saving her brother but her heart directs to her in a different path to two boys.  Her decision rest on her mind, body and soul and the fight to keep family together.

Elias is a the Empire’s school finest soldier and he is secretly unwilling to continue in his study at the Empire school.  Elais wants to be free from the tyranny but he is trained to enforce the rules. He and Laia run in together and soon realize thier destinies cross paths. Their decisions will change the fate of their lives and the Empire.


I really enjoyed this book.  The dailogue between the characters was well written and withhold the readers in the close action of the character.  The chapters were exciting and mesmerizing and each chapter was focused on each character which was different for me.  The book was gripping and beautiful with the characters story and how she intertwined the lives and decisions of their life. I give the book a thumbs up and five stars.  It was captivating in it’s Roman empire and the self improvement and courage and each character.  



Paper Towns

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Paper Towns

Book Summary:

Margo is a Senior in high school and craves for adventure.  The book introduces Q (Quentin) who is the narrator of the story.  Paper towns is specifically told from Q’s perspective and is focused on his friends and his surroundings in Florida.  Margo and Q are neighbors and rarely talk to each throughout grade school and high school.  They always hung out with each other before the incident when they found a dead guy in the park around their neighborhood.  Margo is the popular girl that loves to tell stories but some get out of hand when other people talk about her adventures and practical jokes.

As the Senior school year draws to an end Margo rally’s Quentin’s help in the middle of the night to help her with her last practical joke of all.  Quentin hesitates to go with Margo but his friendship and his “hidden love” for her unravels him to become the courageous guy for Margo.  As their adventure through the early morning of practical and revenge joke on her ex-boyfriend, best friends take her and Quentin on a wild journey in the early morning hours.  Breaking into Sea World, going to Wal-mart in the late of night to buy certain items that were conspicuous to the cashier.  Quentin’s quiet world of stability was broken and he did not have to follow rules but that they were meant to be broken.  Margo left after their adventure leaving Quentin clues to find her.  Quentin becomes worried that Margo meant to commit suicide.  After, deciphering her clues and who Margo really was Quentin goes on an adventure with his friends to find Margo and unravel who they really are and that a bond cannot break like no other among friends and the ones you think you know.


I enjoyed this book very much from the quotes of Walt Whitman and Sylvia Glass and Moby Dick.  The literature provides background information to Paper Towns and its’ characters.  John Green is an excellent young adult author that surprises the reader with emotion and knowledge of life events.  I’m excited for this book to become a movie and see how it can compare to The Fault in our Stars.  John Green keep writing to enhance the young adult population to read books that make us think about ourselves and others!


Green, J., (2008). Paper Towns. New York, NY: Dutton Books

The Fault in Our Stars

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Fault in our starsSummary:

The Fault in our Stars is a wonderful, self-identity book.  It relates to people how one is suffering from within and falling in love for the first time.  Hazel is a cancer patient living her life and taking it day by day.  When she meets Gus she is in a whirlwind of adventure.  Full of charisma and sarcasm Gus makes Hazel’s life an opportunity to live for each day.  The relationship between Hazel and Gus is a wonderful and full of enlightenment.  They balance each other out by identifying their weaknees and making the best out of their faults.  They enjoy each other’s company and read thier favorite book to identify their personal life and well-being. Their relationship flourish and they are able to go to Amsterdam using Gus’s wish. Hazel is able to meet her favorite author however, she is displeased witht the outcome of his personality. Guz and Hazel are able to strengthen their relationship and love for one another by seeing the best of the outcome. Now, I won’t spoil the ending but the book is a strong fold of self-identity and social issues.    

I really loved this book because it expresses the outcome of one’s sickeness and making the best out of faults. John Green did a wonderful job exploring how people deal with their faults and how teens view relationships. He made me cry and laugh in the book. The book is extradionary and the reader is able to delve into the pages and read Hazel’s story.

The Great Gatsby

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Book Summary:

I first read this book back in high school.  However, I was eager to read the book again when I found out that it was about to become a movie!  When I read the book it was an absolute American classic.  The book is set in the roaring Twenties where the economic situation was drastic and everyone wanted to party and remain in a nostalgic era.  It starts off as a narrative by Nick Carraway who is the person that is in the middle of a story that features the wealthy and parties on Long Island.  The story is a romance about Jay Gatsby and his love that he has been following for years Daisy Buchanan, who happens to be a cousin to Nick Carraway.  Nick is a neighbor of Jay Gatsby who is invited to his party and sees the fun and fabulous ways of the wealthy and is not quick to judge but to ponder.  Through the misconception of a love lost and found Jay and Daisy find themselves intertwined.  Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan who swept up Daisy off her feet with his wealth, stands by Gatsby because she knows that Tom has been playing her with a mistress.  However, with the twist and turns everything does not seem as it ought to be.  The love between the couple are tested and the imagery of the book set off what is talked about the sense of life and how a person can live on with their life as, “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”


I remember reading the book in high school but it was vague how the book ended.  When I read this book again I loved it again!  The description of how love and how the past can be amazing and research can be intriguing.  I still have not seen the movie that recently came out starring Leonardo DiCarpio and Tobey Maguire, but I heard it was fascinating and somewhat like the book.  I would recommend this book to Young Adults as they enter their Sophomore or Junior year of high school.  It is an American classic that is to be read and put on book lists.

Reference:  Fitzgerald, F. S. (1925).  The Great Gatsby.  New York, NY: Scribner.  pg. 180

Beautiful Creatures

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Book Summary:  The first book from the Caster series is amazing!  It begins with the narrator Ethan Wate a high school student that is involved with every activity there is to be in a small rural community.  This small community knows everything about each other from the town shut in Macon Ravenwood to the mayor of the small town called, Gatlin.  Ethan has a recurring dream about a girl falling down needing his help but all he remembers is the smell of lemon and rosemary.  Ethan notices that there is a new girl in town going to his school, which is surprising since a new student hasn’t arrived since he was in the 3rd grade.  When Ethan passes her down that hall he notices that she smells like lemon and rosemary.  Her name is Lena Duchanness who is unknown among the community but is rumored to be the niece of the town shut in, Macon Ravenwood.  Ethan starts hanging around with Lena and is told by her that she is a Caster.  A Caster is a somewhat of a witch and can either be claimed by Light or Darkness by her 16th birthday.  However, through the action, romance, and history of their relationship can Lena survive and stil be with Ethan till the end?  The first book of the Caster series will have your eyes set stone on the book with the mystery surrounding Ethan and Lena. 

Garcia, K., Stohl, M.  Beautiful Creatures.

Impressions:  I loved this book from the first chapter!  I was surprised that the narrator was from a guy’s point of view.  It has that Twilight feeling but from a guy’s point of view but this book is way out of the range from Twilight!  I can’t wait for the movie and I am hoping it will come close to it as the book.  I am also in love with this book because it reference librarians and their duty with preserving all kinds of information and research on different genealogies.

Library Use:  Since it is the first Caster series it will be great to have a book talk and hopefully a movie day reference with other movies that have series such as Twilight.  There can also be an activity that can have students talk about paranormal romance that is suddenly becoming a phenomena with teenagers.


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Book Summary:  Garth Hale is a young boy that has a sense of humor to make life more interesting.  Garth  has an uncurable disease and his mother has taken him to numerous doctor’s to get a second opinion.  They live a simple life and try to enjoy each other’s company until one day a ghost hunter wrangler named Frank Gallows accidently sends Hale to the underworld.  Gallows is a washed up wrangler who tries to make a name for himself but does not care enough about himself to believe he can do anything.  Frank was trying to catch a nightmare when he sends Hale to the living of the dead.  He tries to make up his actions by retrieving Hale to his lonely mother.  He sets out to find a machine to take him there when he asks for help from his ex-fiance.  Together they go back to Ghostopolis the place of the living dead.  Hale meets his grandfather and fights of an evil lord named Vaugner.  The battle to get back home is underway in this book written by TenNapel.

TenNapel, D.  (2010),  Ghostopolis.  New York, NY.  Scholastic.

Impressions:  I have become interested in reading graphic novels to see if they appeal to my liking.  This book is a fast read and is an interesting read.  There are some talk about it becoming a movie starring Hugh Jackman.  The humor, action, and romance is an attention grabber for the reader.  It is a fun read that teach the reader a lesson about themselves.  This supernatural graphic novel is exciting.  It is filled with different illustrations that TeNapel enhances that engages the reader.

Library Use:  This book can be used as a marketing because of some upcoming news events have posted that this maybe book is in development of production.  It can be used in a library bulletin board along with other books that are movies are upcoming movies.  It can be read or suggested as popular graphic novels.

Module 15: the perks of being a wallflower

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Book Summary:  A boy named, Charlie is facing difficulties in high school.  He is trying to find his place in school as a freshman and tries to make friends.  Throughout the book he writes to someone anonymous about his life through high school.  He writes letters describing his day and friends to someone.  He makes friends with Patrick and Sam who are seniors in high school.  He considers his favorite event throughout his first year in high school is when he watched The Rocky Horror Show.  He experiences drugs, sex, and deceit.  Charlie deals with relationships, family and friends.  He talks about everything from his sister, and as he describes his aunt and friends.  However, a surprising detail about his aunt shocks the reader about the issue.   He deals with his first year in high school and has his only friends graduating from high school.  Charlie learned to deal with his problems and chose a girl that he had things in common.

Chbosky, S.  (1999).  the perks of being a wallflower.  New York, NY:  Gallery Books.

Impressions:  Reading the book was unpredictable but I was instantly interested in the book.  Charlie is writing to an anonymous friends and writes it like a diary.  The language was interesting or was an issue but I got over it.  The only event that he written that was trauma was his aunt touching him.  He wrote about her like he looked up to her.  This was an unpredictable event that may have had people challenge.  The issues in the book create sensitivity of different difficult issues.  Drugs, sex, and deceit is every indulgence of the book.  The book was interesting to read and I got my sister and friends to read it before the movie came out this year.

Professional Review:

N. Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

[Review of the the perks of being a wallflower, by S.C].

Retrieved from  http://www.trussvillelibrary.com/2012/03/book-review-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower/

“I liked that because the book is Charlie’s journal it’s easy to connect to, and it’s able to connect to teens on different levels. This book is intended for mature, older teens due to the drug usage, language, and profanity. Even with these things being a part of the book don’t let it stop you from reading this great book.”

Library Uses:  The book can be showcased during banned book month during October.  Since it recently became a movie there can be a day devoted for young adults to talk about the book and watch the movie.  The censorship of a book makes it fun to showcase different books that have been banned and show kids and parents that reading is valued and it’s up to the parents to teach children what is ethical and moral.  The discussion of the book can help those that have questions about the book.

Module 14: Karma

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Book Summary:  The novel starts on verse recounts the story of Maya or otherwise known as Jiva.  She is a Indo-Canadian that travels with her father to India to distribute her mother’s ashes.  Her mother was always fighting with her father to take her to India.  The book is a flashback as Maya remembers what her mother and father are arguing about.  They were a Romeo-Juliet love story because her mother was Hindu and her father is Sikh.  When they arrive to India the year of 1984 of the assassination of the prime minister Ghandi.  Her father leaves her to meet with a friend but before she helped him cut off his beard.  Maya travels through India trying to get and loses everyone she loves.      

Ostlere, C.  (2011).  Karma.  New York, NY:  Penguin Group.

Impressions:  Students need to grow to love poetry or express their emotions and frustrations.  There are many forms of poems students get distraught because of the grammar and structure of poems.  Learning how to write poems start off with the gratitude to reading it first.  The interpretation of a poem is not forced but thought out.  The element of this novel in short verses has a smooth consistency of the plot.  The structure is in small verses.  The rhythm flows smoothly in every verse and with the plot.  It explains the culture and the relationship between her mother and father.  It is a light verse that is not condense of thoughts and ideas.  The novel is a story about a young girl in India and has metaphors and imagery.

Professional Review:

Morrison, H.  (2011, March).  Karma (review)

[Review of the book Karma, by C.O].

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 64(7), 341.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v064/64.7.morrison01.html

“There are many layers in this skillfully crafted novel, and the verse is rich with depth and emotion. The story is steeped in sadness as Maya first loses her mother, then her father, then finally her love, and the carefully selected words in the poems evoke her pain both directly and indirectly. Among other styles, Ostlere uses a two-voice format (one left-aligned, the other right-aligned, interwoven on the page) to great effect, whether the two voices are Maya’s competing thoughts or more literally two voices; particularly notable are the poems detailing Maya’s first impressions of India, wherein there are constantly voices shouting at her, creating a cacophony of the senses. This is a beautiful and breathtaking glimpse into one girl’s tragedy and perseverance, and the achingly stirring images created by its verses will remain with the reader long after its final poem. [End Page 341]”

Library Uses:  The book can be used to teach young adults about poems and short verses.  Different poems and short verses can be explained so they know how to write one.  There can be a contest writing a poem or short verse.  The time can be limited to 30 minutes to write and judging will be held afterwards.  The winner will a receive a novel in short verses and a gift card.

Module 13: Rapunzel’s Revenge

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Book Summary:  Rapunzel is always wondering what is over the huge wall.  She is a curious girl until one day she has a chance to climb and look over the wall.  There she sees a desert with smoke and mines.  Rapunzel lives is in a villa with Mother Gothel and the villa is green and prosperous.  She climbs over the wall and looks among the people.  The soldiers capture her and tell her that her mother is looking for her.  She stops to drink water and is recgonized by a woman.  The woman remembers Rapunzel and claims that Mother Gothel took her and she is her real mother.  Mother Gothel then sends Rapunzel deep into the woods to teach her a lesson and have her obey her.  Through that time Rapunzel does not forgive for what she has done.  Rapunzel escapes her jail and tries to get back where she came from to save her real mother.  Rapunzel meets up with Jack and they both travel the towns in hopes of receiving benefits for their help.  They fight and solve problems through the towns and are able to arrive to the villa with the help of a theater show.  Rapunzel faces off with Mother Gothel and is able to see her mother and have a true love story.

Hale, S. & Hale, D.  (2008)  Rapunzel’s Revenge.  New York, NY:  Bloomsbury.

Impressions:  The graphic novel was not expected of Rapunzel.  The movie was similar to the movie but the book did have a plot and action.  The illustrations of the graphic novel match the plot of book consistency.  My younger sister read the book as well and she is a struggling reader that does not like chapter books.  She read the book really quick and loved it.  She loved the illustrations and so did I because it had a unique texture in the drawings.  Though the plot was a little fast some of the quotes did not make sense.  It was a good book overall and have a good message about staying together and helping family.

Professional Review:

Coats, K.  (2008, November).  Rapunzel’s Revenge (review)

[Review of the book Rapunzel’s Revenge, by S.H. & D.H].

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, 62(1), 18-19.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v062/62.1.coats11.html

“Shannon Hale’s comic wit and romantic sensibilities translate well to this new format, which blends fairy-tale revision, journey quest, Wild West shoot-’em-up, and action adventure into one wild ride. The easy-to-follow panel arrangements with their multicultural cast [End Page 18] of characters guide even reluctant graphic-novel readers seamlessly through the fast-paced narrative. Readers with a high degree of empathy will appreciate the attention given to the small details of the way she manages her hair so as to never to pull it straight from her head when she’s using it to wrangle outlaws and varmints. The surprising character revelation at the end provides a perfect climactic pivot and slides elegantly into the light-hearted comedic structure of a romantic happily ever after for Rapunzel, her mother, and her man.”

Library Uses:  It would be a good idea to use this book and show young adults and children graphic novels.  Once they see that drawings and illustrations can be used as a story they can draw and create their own story line.  I would tell them to draw on a certain topic and after three or four drawing they can write a short story.  They can color and the pictures can be laminated so they can look like a beginning of their graphic novel.

Module 12: The Wall

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Book Summary:  The book is written as a biography describing the baby that he can draw since he can remember.  He draws what he thinks but is soon told what to do and what to draw.  He describes that the Secret Police is nosy and look into everything.  A diary is written inside the book of the month and year what he wrote.  The government did not approve anything Western and blocked any connection of what may have influence on East Germany.  The illustrations provide a connection with the story how it was slightly influenced but then shut back down again.  Different band came into the city but the Secret Police disapproved even long hair was a sign of Western influence.  However, as he grew older he knew that drawing can be a little push to described feelings and have people hope.  He dreamed one day he would ride free into the night to become something and live free in a world.

Sis, P.  (2007).  The Wall.  NY:  Frances Foster Books.

Impressions:  Reading this book was different because each photograph had captions.  Reading each caption described what was going on behind The Wall.  The author wrote about his life about the wall and I was informed of what happened in that era.  The confrontation between the U.S. and East Germany caused rifts between the government.  It’s a children’s book and I was impressed by the details of his life by the details how the school taught them how to be in a communist society.

Professional Review:

Bush, E.  (2007, October).  The Wall:  Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain (review)

       [Review of the book The Wall, by P.S].

       Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 85(1), 54.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v061/61.2bush01.html

“Thirty sentences, give or take the odd ellipsis, form the armature upon which Sís recontructs his early growth as an artist, and a few dozen journal entries add a lean layer of flesh to the tale. The real substance of this inventively fashioned autobiography, however, lies in the images—some tidily sequential, others boldly sprawling double bleeds—that trace Sís’ creative journey from a toddler compelled to doodle to a young professional compelled to leave his native Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s for liberty in the West. And if readers just happen to find themselves inadvertently expanding their knowledge of the Cold War, that makes their own literary journey all the richer.”

Library Uses:  A puppet theater can be used for this children’s book.  It would engage the children to learn about history and East Germany.  There could be a gray background and a colorful background explaining the purpose of freedom.  It would be easy to describe that the classes taught were not enjoyable and were told what to do.  It is important to learn creativity and imagination.

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