The Fault in Our Stars

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Fault in our starsSummary:

The Fault in our Stars is a wonderful, self-identity book.  It relates to people how one is suffering from within and falling in love for the first time.  Hazel is a cancer patient living her life and taking it day by day.  When she meets Gus she is in a whirlwind of adventure.  Full of charisma and sarcasm Gus makes Hazel’s life an opportunity to live for each day.  The relationship between Hazel and Gus is a wonderful and full of enlightenment.  They balance each other out by identifying their weaknees and making the best out of their faults.  They enjoy each other’s company and read thier favorite book to identify their personal life and well-being. Their relationship flourish and they are able to go to Amsterdam using Gus’s wish. Hazel is able to meet her favorite author however, she is displeased witht the outcome of his personality. Guz and Hazel are able to strengthen their relationship and love for one another by seeing the best of the outcome. Now, I won’t spoil the ending but the book is a strong fold of self-identity and social issues.    

I really loved this book because it expresses the outcome of one’s sickeness and making the best out of faults. John Green did a wonderful job exploring how people deal with their faults and how teens view relationships. He made me cry and laugh in the book. The book is extradionary and the reader is able to delve into the pages and read Hazel’s story.


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