Module 13: Rapunzel’s Revenge

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Book Summary:  Rapunzel is always wondering what is over the huge wall.  She is a curious girl until one day she has a chance to climb and look over the wall.  There she sees a desert with smoke and mines.  Rapunzel lives is in a villa with Mother Gothel and the villa is green and prosperous.  She climbs over the wall and looks among the people.  The soldiers capture her and tell her that her mother is looking for her.  She stops to drink water and is recgonized by a woman.  The woman remembers Rapunzel and claims that Mother Gothel took her and she is her real mother.  Mother Gothel then sends Rapunzel deep into the woods to teach her a lesson and have her obey her.  Through that time Rapunzel does not forgive for what she has done.  Rapunzel escapes her jail and tries to get back where she came from to save her real mother.  Rapunzel meets up with Jack and they both travel the towns in hopes of receiving benefits for their help.  They fight and solve problems through the towns and are able to arrive to the villa with the help of a theater show.  Rapunzel faces off with Mother Gothel and is able to see her mother and have a true love story.

Hale, S. & Hale, D.  (2008)  Rapunzel’s Revenge.  New York, NY:  Bloomsbury.

Impressions:  The graphic novel was not expected of Rapunzel.  The movie was similar to the movie but the book did have a plot and action.  The illustrations of the graphic novel match the plot of book consistency.  My younger sister read the book as well and she is a struggling reader that does not like chapter books.  She read the book really quick and loved it.  She loved the illustrations and so did I because it had a unique texture in the drawings.  Though the plot was a little fast some of the quotes did not make sense.  It was a good book overall and have a good message about staying together and helping family.

Professional Review:

Coats, K.  (2008, November).  Rapunzel’s Revenge (review)

[Review of the book Rapunzel’s Revenge, by S.H. & D.H].

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, 62(1), 18-19.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v062/62.1.coats11.html

“Shannon Hale’s comic wit and romantic sensibilities translate well to this new format, which blends fairy-tale revision, journey quest, Wild West shoot-’em-up, and action adventure into one wild ride. The easy-to-follow panel arrangements with their multicultural cast [End Page 18] of characters guide even reluctant graphic-novel readers seamlessly through the fast-paced narrative. Readers with a high degree of empathy will appreciate the attention given to the small details of the way she manages her hair so as to never to pull it straight from her head when she’s using it to wrangle outlaws and varmints. The surprising character revelation at the end provides a perfect climactic pivot and slides elegantly into the light-hearted comedic structure of a romantic happily ever after for Rapunzel, her mother, and her man.”

Library Uses:  It would be a good idea to use this book and show young adults and children graphic novels.  Once they see that drawings and illustrations can be used as a story they can draw and create their own story line.  I would tell them to draw on a certain topic and after three or four drawing they can write a short story.  They can color and the pictures can be laminated so they can look like a beginning of their graphic novel.


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