Module: 9 Abduction

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Book Summary:  Denny Thurman had his plan set in motion.  He double checked his costume and where he needed to pick up Denny his son.  Meanwhile Bonnie was in school as well and had recurring dreams of a black smoke and thought something terrible was going to happen.  After school when she went to get her brother she could not find him.  Denny was already in the car with Matt and had tricked him in going with him to rescue his dog.  Denny had planned out his every move to get Matt as far as possible from the scene of the crime.  Bonnie felt responsible for Matt’s disappearance but her mother was worried the most not knowing who would take Matt.  Detective Morrison was assigned the job to locate Matt.  Once everything added up they soon realized that Matt was with his father or in this case Ms. Sholter’s ex-husband.  Ms. Sholter was worried that he might hurt Matt and Bonnie did not care for Denny at all when he was married to her mom.  The reason Denny kidnap Matt was to show his sister that he had someone that he to care of and wanted something out of it because of his gambling problem.  The action, thriller-seeking of Bonnie the novel flowed well and the mystery was solved.  It was all in a matter of time that Matt was back where he belonged with family and friends.

Kehret, P.  (2004).  Abduction!.  NY:  Penguin Group.

Impressions:  Overall this mystery book was suspenseful.  It had all the characteristics of a mystery novel such as crime was committed, there were suspects and an investigator.  I was unaware how the book would end up from the beginning of the perspective of the suspect.  It went a different direction by writing it in view of the girl and back to the suspect.  There was action which impressed me and how some people were oblivious to the children and how they were in danger of a dangerous man.

Professional Review:

Shannon, T.  (2004, 11 22).  Abduction! (Review).

       [Review of the book Abduction! by P.K].

      Retrieved from http://www.kidsreads.com/reviews/abduction

“Although I never felt that I truly knew any of the characters, I was pulled into the story when the plot took a shocking turn that is suspenseful and exciting. Don’t start this book if you have something else you need to do. You simply won’t be able to put it down beyond a certain point!”

Library Use:  The book can be told to children, young adults, and parents.  A special guest like a police officer would come in and talk to students about strangers.  There can be a discussion about what to do when you are in danger or when a stranger comes up to what you should do.  The book Abduction! explains what can happen to children who go with strangers and notify how parents can prevent this by helping or teaching their children the numbers for an emergency and always telling them who will be picking them up from school.


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