Module 8: Princess Academy

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Book Summary:  Miri’s family lives in the Mount Eskel away from the rich and pleasures of the kingdom Danlander.  Miri longed to be with her father and work in the mines and learn Quiry speech.  One day soldiers arrive on Mount Eskel to collect young girls.  A party from the kingdom of Danlander arrived to deliver news that the priests delegated with each other over the princes’ birthday.  There was omens that the future bride was living in Danlander.  It is a custom that the delegates of noble men and women are to give away young girls that have the potential to meet the prince.  However, since there was no noble men living in Mount Eskel the King ordered that they create a Princess Academy.  Miri was collected with other girls from the community and they set off to be taught the ways of noble women.  They were taken to small castle and were taught by Tutor Olana.  Miri the smallest of the bunch was not determined by the others that she would be nominated to meet the prince.  During the long days Miri studied and learned how to read.  She studied the history of Danlander, the currency, and law.  The other girls were jealous because she began to learn to quickly.  Miri, with all her hard work and determination was ranked number 1 in her class.  She was able to meet the prince.  However, the prince chose none of the girls in the class and left abruptly.  The girls were distraught and were overcome by bandits.  The bandits wanted to know which girl the prince chose to become his princess.  The girls patiently waited until someone came to help them.  They were able to escape the bandits with the help of their families.  The prince returned to choose a wife from Mount Eskel and Miri gained a new perspective about her family and heritage.

Hale, S. (2005).  Princess Academy.  NY:  Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

Impressions:  A fantasy book about Kings, Queens, prince and princess is a way to escape reality.  People grow to love these kinds of books that have different illusions.  Since the rise of popularity of Harry Potter series, Twilight, and Hunger Games people are reading more of this genre.  I really enjoy this genre because it’s a way to become familiar with different ideas and being creative.  It can teach readers different morals through another reality.  I know of readers that enjoy this genre that are bright and passionate about reading.  Fantasy and science fiction are two different genres and capture different audiences.  However, the plot and problem are there but to the extent the author can chose what lifestyle and language the people can speak.  Fantasy is a popular genre and grows every day because they are a great cause for movie productions to sign on with the books to become a movie.

Professional Review:

Card, T.  (2005, 11).  Princess Academy (review).  

   [Review of the book Princess Academy, by S.H].

   Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 59(1), 17-18.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v059/59.1card15.html  

“Because she is small, Miri sees herself as useless in her working community of burly laborers, and her envy of those larger and stronger than she contrasts powerfully with her later pleasure in her growing gifts. Miri’s culture is deftly drawn; snippets from the [End Page 17] quarriers’ working songs lead each chapter, and the harsh yet beautiful physical and cultural details of Miri’s world keep this optimistic tale believable. This could be a useful introduction to fantasy for realistic-novel buffs—the authentic sniping and backbiting of jealous girls cooped up together for a year, the character-driven plot, and the vigorous prose will carry readers of all kinds into the center of the story.”

Library Use:  I would choose as a reference during a movie day for young adults.  I would talk about this book and how the theme surrounds itself with family and friends.  I would then show the movie Princess Diary.  After the movie the group will suggest other books and movies that teach about family and friends.  However, the books will have to surround to be in the context of royals.  If no discussion is taken place there can be a treasure hunt for goods like bookmarks, books and gift cards around the library for children.


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