Module 10: Here Lies the Librarian

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Book Summary:  PeeWee which her real name is Eleanor lives with her brother Jack.  They own a garage business fixing tires and cars.  Their business was slow until one day they thought of a plan to crash a car.  A Cadillac was driving by and they were able to blow out the tire and out stepped three young ladies.  Their names were Irene, Grace, Lodelia, and Geraldine.  These four young women wanted to drive by and see the tornado damaged but they soon learned otherwise they would be helping out Jack and Eleanor.  They would also be helping out the community by serving as librarians at the library.  They are all qualified and wealthy young ladies that drive fancy cars.  Jack is impressed by this.  A car race was determined for Jack and Eleanor for whoever makes the best and fast car.  However the young ladies help them without their consent.  Jack also falls for them and soon PeeWee (Eleanor) is the only girl left out of circle.  She soon learns that education is the key and that she will be happy with whomever Jack chooses.  The World War I looming over head Jack and Irene sign up and head off to the battlefield.  The four librarians turn the community or small town around to realize the big things and help out in Jack’s dream of the car race.

Peck, R.  (2006).  Here Lies the Librarian.  New York:  Penguin Group.

Impressions:  This historical fiction novel talks about the introduction of the car.  A post world war I book that describes hard work and competition.  The facts about cars turn into fiction on the imagination of Peck.  I was impressed of the wit and humor of the story.  Eleanor disguising as a boy and when he hat fell off Irene was shocked that she was a girl.  Irene demonstrates that women should have rights and be independent to support themselves.  She teaches Eleanor about being independent and making something out of herself.  It’s the years before feminism and how women and young girls have the same issues of venturing out into the world and standing up for themselves.

Professional Review:

Bush, E.  (2006, May).  Here Lies the Librarian (review)

[Review of the book Here Lies the Librarian, by R.P].

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 59(9), 418-419.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v059/59.9bush13.html

“Once again Peck demonstrates his masterful storytelling ability with a riveting opener in which a tornado blows through the cemetery and relocates a host of deceased citizens and/or their bits and pieces. From there, though, much of the plotting relies on the unconvincing and underdeveloped premise that four independently wealthy library grads would take on the rural job, and that a pair of exceedingly eccentric neighbors (even by Peck standards) would keep brother [End Page 418] and sister independent over the years. Nonetheless, Eleanor is a delightful narrator whose wry observations draw humor from a culture clash rather than simply exploit rube vs. snob plot potential.”

Library Uses:  This book can be used to describe a librarians job and explain what they actually do.  Since it’s a historical fiction book a student activity can take place and work on a craft that describes the time era of the book’s plot.  Since it was before World War I they can work on a car that was being discussed from the book.  A Pierce Arrow craft can be colored and decorated and discussed.  The discussion can ensue the book and it’s plot so kids can take to reading it at home.


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