Module 7: Wait for Me

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Book Summary:  Mina and Suna are two Korean sisters that have a strong relationship.  Mina tries to live up to her her mother’s ,Uhmma, expectations to be at the top of her class.  Mina has secrets and tries to hide them from her mother and does not tell everything to Suna.  Suna is younger that Mina and is deaf in one ear.  She sees things differently and likes to hear music and tries not to be a burden to her mother.  It is during her summer of her senior year and Mina works for her family at their dry cleaning business.  When her father, Apa, hurts his back and they have to find someone to take his place.  They get help from their friend, Mrs. Kim and hire a young migrant worker named Ysrael.  Mina finds Ysrael attractive and can not lie to him.  Suna suddenly feels jealous because she wants to be older and looks as beautiful as her older sister Mina.  Mina falls in love with Ysrael and they both end up spending much time with each other.  Mina does not lie to Ysrael and tells him the truth about her education.  Thing soon to unravel for Mina when her mother finds out that someone is stealing from the cleaning business and blames Ysrael and fires him.  Jonathon, who is a friend of Mina’s and is getting ready to leave to college, helps Mina by altering her report card.  Mina wants to live her life of her own with freedom away from her mother.  Mina in love with Ysrael wants to be with him but in the end she realizes that spending time with her sister is a true value.

Na, A.  (2006).  Wait for Me.  New York, NY:  The Penguin Group.

Impressions:  I really enjoyed this book because it dealt with multicultural issues.  This book was a realistic fiction novel that deals with situations that are uncomfortable and with multicultural issues that are dealt with today’s issues.  Reading about an Asian girl falling in love with a Mexican was a shock.  I was not expecting another character to steer Mina to be independent.  She was not fulfilling her duties as a dutiful daughter.  She was lying to her mother to make her believe that she was fulfilling a dream to be educated and be the top of her class.  I would recommend this book to other avid readers to learn and talk about different ethnicities.  This book can teach readers about accepting others for who they are.

Professional Review:

Welch, C.  (2006, June).  Wait for Me (Review)

           [Review of the book Wait for Me, by A.N].

        Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 59(10), 464.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v059/59.10welch03.html

“This is a well-crafted tale, sensitively told: Na fashions the story and fleshes out her characters by juxtaposing Korean and American cultural traditions, parental dreams, and young adult desires, even birth-order differences between siblings. This opposition is emphasized by the format: alternating chapters in which Mina speaks for herself while Suna’s story is told in a third-person, present-tense narrative capturing her feelings of being once removed from the world and her mother’s love. There are some familiar cultural patterns here, but the mother-daughter conflict will resonate with teens of any culture who have wrestled parents for the right to choose their own paths. At times the ending seems inevitable, but Na doesn’t settle for easy resolution, and the conclusion respects her characters and their growth.”

Library Uses:  The book can be used as a theme to make bookmarks.  It can be a craft for young adults that can create something out of Korean cultural or tradition.  The book can be summarized and the ideas are passed around how to create a unique bookmark.  We can explain the different traditions and food that they may do or eat and use a favorite quote from the book.


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