Module 7: Out of My Mind

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Book Summary:  Melody is a young girl that has cerebal palsy.  She can not talk, walk, and eat.  She has problems with each of these skills and has to be taken care of twenty-four seven.  Melody has photographic memory but no one knows how smart she is.  Her neighbor Ms. V. believes that she is special and that she can learn.  When she enters school everyone is misguided because they believe she can not learn.  As she continues to grow Melody enters middle school and is given a tutor that will help her with her assignments.  Her tutor or a school aide Catherine helps Melody find a machine that will let everyone hear her voice.  Melody wonders if everyone is ready to hear her voice and is she ready to show her skills to her peers?  Melody receives her machine and is ready to speak among her peers and parents.  However, she is challenged in the classrooms but is able to withstand the assignments she is given.  Melody is able to compete in a competitive academic team.  She is challenged by her teacher and her peers that she can’t withstand the pressure of the competition.  She decides with the help of her neighbor to study constantly and prove that she is smart and can compete.

Draper, S.  (2010).  Out of my Mind.  New York, NY:  Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing.

Impressions:  The book is written in a first person point of view.  The book is a realistic fiction novel.  The content and subject matter is a challenge for children that learn about appropriateness for their age.  The book was a challenge for me to read and deemed uncomfortable.  I first viewed it as a dairy of Melody.  She seemed like a normal girl wanting to do things and go on a adventure and prove to everyone that she is normal.  When she mentioned that she had cerebal palsy it was shocking to discover that she also had a photographic memory.  Her thoughts affect the reader that Melody can do anything.  She wants to be noticed and heard.  She wants to tell her parents that she loves them and does not want to be a burden to them.  Through the end the descriptive details of Melody’s thoughts and difference teaches the reader that a mental illness does not have to define who someone is.  Some people did not believe she can achieve the impossible.  Though she could not talk and walk she is was an intelligent girl.  A teacher did not want to take her to the competition and her peers were embarrassed by her.  In the end I was fascinated by the author to write a tale that anyone can achieve what they believe in.

Professional Review:

Coats, K.  (2012, March).  Out of my Mind Review

        [Review of the book Out of my Mind, by S.D].

        Bulletin of the Center for the Children’s Books 63(7), 278.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2355/journals/bulletin_of_the_center_for_childrens_books/v063/63.7.coats01.html

“Draper’s smooth style enhances the story, and there’s a romantic element to the notion that Melody isn’t simply capable but actually gifted. The drama is overplayed, though, with Melody’s abilities implausibly superlative. Melody’s school experiences are somewhat anachronistic, and her classmates are little more than a collection of clichés, from the special needs kids who are unfailingly kind and noble to the normal kids who are outspokenly rude. Draper is a master of melodrama, though, and Melody’s story certainly doesn’t lack that; she may not be a particularly believable character, but she’s an interesting one, and her plight will do its work of making students think twice about their classmates, acquaintances, and siblings with special needs.”

Library Uses:  This book can be used as a lesson to teach other kids about disabilities.  The book can explain that everyone is an individual and judging the way they look is not appropriate.  The book can be read to those that have disabilities and teach others about formalities with those with disabilities.  It is a lesson about treating others how you want to be treated.  It teaches children about uncomfortable situations but can make the best out of it.


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