Module 5: Looking for Alaska

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Book Summary:  The book starts off with a date that says before suggesting it is a dairy of Miles Halter.  Miles Halter is tired of his life with his parents and being the loner at his school.  He leaves to boarding school Culver Creek Preparatory School, where his father studied.  Miles left to boarding school to find the “Great Perhaps.”  Miles become friends and becomes close with the Colonel, Takumi and Alaska.  His friends nickname him, Pudge.  Miles goes day by day trying to fit in by drinking and smoking.  He is surrounded by the Colonel’s and Alaska’s adventures and trying to hook him up with a girl.  Miles falls in love with Alaska and has his first kiss with her.  However, Alaska has her own problems and when she makes out with Miles she abruptly leaves during the night after a pay phone call.  Alaska drives away from the school and Miles is left wondering what he did wrong.  The next day Pudge and the Colonel are suddenly awaken early in the morning.  They and the whole Preparatory school are guided to the gym to tell them news.  There the Colonel and Pudge are told that Alaska was in a terrible car accident and did not survive.  The Colonel and Pudge refused to believe that she was in a car accident and died.  The second part of the book is suggested with the date of After Alaska was killed.  Miles (Pudge) tries to uncover why Alaska left suddenly after the pay phone call.  Pudge is also looking for the answer of “where do we go after this life” for a school project.”  He comes up with an interesting answer when finding out the truth about Alaska.

Green, J.  (2005).  Looking for Alaska.  New York, NY: Dutton Books.

Impressions:  A winner of the Michael L. Printz award is the youth award for best writing for young adults.  This story by John Green is an emotional tale of a young boy trying to fit in his age group.  The story had an emotional attachment to me because Miles has a self-identity crisis and does not fit in with any group at home.  When we wants to be on his own it is a fleeing time that makes him and individual and have his freedom.  He wants to experience something new and meet new friends.  The emotional drama of being with a girl and a relationship was moving because Pudge wanted to be part of the group.  He wanted to feel needed and important.  Alaska was just a girl that outwitted him and wanted adventure.  The book did have controversial issues such as drinking and drugs but it was interesting to read how teens can sometimes control themselves.  The issues of Looking for Alaska is another way to know how groups, boys and girls can mature in a evolving society.  The book was interesting and emotional to read and was a good book to read to be informed on how student’s comprehend the issues of morality and ethics.

Professional Review:

Blasingame, J.  (2006, September).  Looking for Alaska

[Review of the book Looking for Alaska, by J.G].

English Journal 96(1), 93-94.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:7125/docview/237303748

“John Greens story of high school juniors at a Georgia boarding school is for our times what The Catcher in the Rye and A Separate Peace were for their times. The characters are complex and memorable, and their life experiences provide an accurate chronicle of how convoluted and confusing growing up has become. The literary quality is impeccable as the novel invites readers of all ages to join in the characters’ search for life’s answers. While following in the footsteps of Salinger and Knowles, Green ventures beyond identifying the absurd ironies of life and provides a philosophical, religious, and spiritual subtext for his characters and his readers.”

Library Uses: Looking for Alaska can be used during a presentation of Drug Free program.  The book is a Michael L. Printz award winner.  A showcase of the four winners of the award can be talked and pamphlets can be given out to explain the award and review why each book is a good read.  The book has controversial issues it can teach kids about these issues.  The book can also be showcase during banned book week in October.


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