Module 5: Jazz

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Book Summary:  Jazz incorporates a part of history of music.  The introduction of the book explains the development of Jazz and it’s history.  From the first poem called Jazz  it explains the rhythm and heart of the music.  Jazz music is appreciated because of the music speaks to the soul.  These 15 poems represent the impressions of how Jazz is played and represents the appreciation of the art.  Each poem describes each instrument and how it is played and danced by Americans.  The words of each poem represents the lyrics and how it is sung from ragtime to swing.

Myers, D. W.  (2006).  Jazz.  New York, NY.  Holiday House

Impressions:  This book represents the Jazz of African Americans and how they fulfilled their life with jubilant, swing, and bounce.  The Coretta Scott Kind award book illustrates the African American culture.  Jazz represents the values and culture that African Americans love music and sing with a melody through the flow of life.  The illustrations capture each poem as it is written to a soulful and sultry to a bounce and swing.  The vibrant colors of the illustrations represent the Jazz melodies and has a New Orleans vibe.  Reading this book was like singing a song through different notes and musical instruments.

Professional Review:

Bush, E.  (2007, February).  Jazz

[Review of the book Jazz, by W.M].

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 60(6), 262.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:7125/docview/223708234

“C. Myers creates a gallery of instrumentalists and divas whose slightly elongated, sinuous forms are sometimes contemplative, sometimes snaking in fluid motion, often ignited in primary colors, occasionally flanked by deep, moody shadows.  Although only black performers are visually represented here, Myers’ introduction does address the fusion (collision?) of influences from African and European tradition sthat gave birth to this American musical idiom.”

Oleck, J.  (2007,February 28).  Walter Dean Myers Nabs Poetry Award for Jazz

[Review of the book Jazz, W.M].

School Library Journal.  Retrieved from http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6420379.html

“In an interview, Vardell added of Jazz: “It’s a wonderful example of a poetry picture-book that showcases the music of language along with music itself. This is a wonderful way to introduce kids to this uniquely American music form.””

Library Use: The book can be used during a music festival held in the library.  A music appreciation day can be filled with storytime with books about composers or instruments.  This book can be used to tribute to the jazz culture.  A craft can be done by creating an instrument for the children.  They can create any instrument that is described in the book Jazz.  The day will be filled with different type of music and have the children appreciate different type of genres.


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