Module 4: kira-kira

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Book Summary:  Katie Takeshima grows up with a family that is caring, loving and close knit.  She is close to her big sister Lynn Takeshima and they both take care of each other.  They are a Japanese family trying to live a decent life.  Her family moves to the South to work in chicken factories.  Their mother and father want to make the best for them and live with their aunt and uncle.  Their father starts working at a chicken factory and their mother starts helping out by working as well.  Their mother takes an extra shift and is always on time to work.  Katie and Lynn share adventures but Lynn teaches Katie about the people around them.  Lynn is smart and always knows everything by helping her sister out.  When Katie is six years old and is sent to first grade it’s her sister that tells her how people will treat her differently.  Katie befriends another girl and starts to hang out with her all the time.  However, Lynn suddenly falls ill to a cancerous disease that leaves her always tired.  Their mother and father try to make her feel comfortable and buy their first house.  Their mother tries to make ends meet by working double time to pay the hospital bills.  However, with the changing times their are unions forming in the factory.  Katie soon learns to take care of her parents, Lynn and her little brother.  Katie learns from Lynn that life is always a challenge and to make the best of it through hard times.

Kadohata, C. (2004).  kira-kira.  New York, NY:  Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Impressions:  kira-kira was a heart inspiring novel about two young sisters.  Their love and devotation for each other and their family inspiring through the hard times that their parents lived through.  This Japanese American family trying to work in a factory to support thier children and help thier daughter Lynn live her life to its fullest by making her dreams come true.  The emotional and heart-warming novel brought me to tears at the end with the family coming together and make thier life something worthwhile with the changing of times for Japanese American lifestyle.  The Newbery award winner shows the author’s creativity of writing a story about Japanese American sisters and their bond.

Professional Review:

Kelleher, W.  (2006, Feb).  Kira-Kira

[Review of the book kira-kira, by C.K].

Journal of Adolescent & Adult 49(5), 449-450.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:7125/docview/216919136

“Sisters have a special relationship that cannot be truly understood by anyone except, perhaps, other sisters. Kira-Kira, Cynthia Kadohata’s Newbery Medal-winning book, quietly and matter-of-factIy allows readers a glimpse of the depth and intensity of such a relationship. Katie, Kadohata’s young protagonist, tells the story of growing up with her only sister Lynn, a victim of childhood lymphoma, in the purely simple, understated language of a young child. This is not a simple story, however. Within the pages of Kadohata’s first book for young adults, her child protagonist plumbs the many layers of meaning experienced by a girl coming to terms with racism, poverty, and the death of someone very close to her.”

Library Uses:  kira-kira can be used in the library during a book talk.  The book talk can have a theme around Japanese-Americans or a cultural appreciation day.  The book talk can also have a theme of award winning books of the Newbery Award.  Different decorations can surround the book observing the cultural aspect of the book and what Japanese eat or celebreate.


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