Module 3: Golem

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Book Summary:  It was the year 1580 and the Jews were among nations of different beliefs in God were fighting against each other.  The Jews were behind a wall of ghetto and were protected from the violence.  However, the violence was growing and chief rabbi Judah Loew Bezalel prayed to his God to set them free.  It came to him that he should build a Golem.  The Golem was built out of mounds of clay and was sculptured into a giant.  The Golem came alive with the help of the rabbi and he wrote on his forehead Truth.  It protected the Jews in the ghetto from the violence that erupted outside the walls.  The rabbi commanded several rules to Golem and told him he would live as long until the Jews were no longer in danger.  Golem would serve the village as a shamash and fulfill his duties to protect the people of the Jews.  Golem loved everything about life and would see the sunrise and fall.  He was filled with amazement of the earth and it’s beauty.  The clash of the violence was threatened by Golem and rushed towards the gate of the ghetto but Golem stood tall and protected the village by the mob.  However; many people were killed and blood was all over the ghetto.  The rabbi did not like this one bit and was summoned by the emperor.  The emperor was threatened that the Jews would conquer the city with the Golem.  The rabbi satisfied the emperor by telling him the only way his city was safe if the Jews would no longer be in danger.  The emperor agreed to the terms and assured the rabbi that the Jews would no longer be in danger.  The rabbi went back to the village and erased truth from Golem’s head met his death with the word met written on his forehead.

Wisniewski, D.  (1996).  Golem.  New York, N. Y:  Clarion Books.

Impressions:  The book was filled with different and vibrate illustrations.  Golem is a great multicultural book that will teach children about the Jewish community and tales.  The book features different collages throughout the book with dark colors of the violent time.  There is a lot of neutral and earth tones that feature the making of Golem.  The book helps the child look at different texture of pictures and the design as it features construction paper put together.  The ethnicity of the book deserves the Caldecott award because it informs readers about multicultural nationalities and what they may believe.  This book can teach readers about other religions and tales and teach them to be accepting of diversity.

Professional Review:

Anonymous. (2012, June 20).  Golem

[Review of the book Golem, by D.W].

The Reading Teacher 51(4), 307.  Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:7125/docview/203269324

” Wisniewski’s intricate paper-cut illustrations, done largely in dark earth tones, provide fascinating perspectives of the plot of this Jewish legend. The use of multiple layers of paper cuts along with a judicious use of white, symbolizing power, provide a believable sense of action.”

Library Uses:  As a librarian this book can take the opportunity to teach the child of different cultures.  During the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah the librarian can feature different types of books that signify the Jewish culture.  The book features different kind of artwork so the librarian can use construction paper to show the children there can be different kind of uses for construction paper.  There can be decorative scissors that the child can pick and an adult can help the child cut the paper.  The child can make their golem out of the construction and glue it on top of another construction paper.


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