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Module 1: Bats at the Library

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Book Summary:  “Bats at the Library” is about an adventure of bat’s traveling through the night.  Old and young bats find a window ajar at a library.  They wreak havoc and enjoy their night reading and talking about books.  The bat’s enjoy story time and are consumed by their fantasy of enjoying a good book.  They make copies of themselves and rummage through almost every book.  They sweep through the library enjoying every aspect of the library by playing and making it their home.  Time flies by and the bat’s do not notice that the sun is coming up.  They have enjoyed their stay too long and bustle about their business.  Once they notice the sun coming up they hurry out the library hoping to remember their adventure at the library.  They hope to come back again soon to enjoy the library while reading different kind of books.

Lies, B. (2008).  Bats at the Library.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Company.

Impressions: This book captured my attention because of the content and the illustrations of the book.  The book is not the best written but I just love the moral behind the story.  The bats enjoyed going into the library and actually enjoyed reading.  I love how the author creates a different feel that the bat’s are engaged and create a whole new fantasy or reality within the book they read.  That bats are having fun in a library and feel comfortable that they feel at home.  The old bats read books on their personal taste and are engaged while the younger bat’s are in story time.  This book focuses on reading in a library and that they can make it their home.  The bats are so engaged that they hope to come back sooner than later.  This made me feel like that the story was contributing to reader’s engagement that they do not want to leave the library because it is filled with different kind of books and that there is a lot to do in a library.

Professional Review:  

Harayama, N.  (2012, 9, 3).  Engagement of Reading

[Review of the book Bats at the Library, by B.  Lies].

Journal of Education  191(2), 75

  “Awards:  International Reading Association Children’s Choice; Book Sense 2009 Book of the Year Award; Bill Martin, Jr.  Picture Book Award,  Number 3 Picture Book of 2008, Time Magazine/CNN.  This beautifully illustrated picture book, set in a library, conveys the pleasure of being lost in a good book as older bats teach their young offspring the power of stories.  Written in gracefully rhyming couplets, this is the tale of a colony of bats that has grown bored with its nightly routine and is anxious for new experiences.  Suddenly, word is sent out that a window in the local library has been left ajar.  Swooping into the darkened building the older bats immediately lose themselves in the joys of the library.  The bats settle down to read about their interests (such as fancy foods) or gather in clusters to talk about the ideas in the books they have read.”

Library Use:  This book could be used either during Halloween time or a week of motivation to tell kids to read.  The book can be part of either a fun activity during Halloween by doing a craft of a bat.  The youth librarian can tell a few facts about bats and facts about how reading is important.  The week of reading literacy can help kids learn that reading is important and that it can be fun.

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